Judiciary defends 'court mail'

Gerald Ramdeen -
Gerald Ramdeen -

The Judiciary has dismissed claims by Attorney Gerald Ramdeen that the “court mail” system is a failure and that he simply does not understand how the system works.

In a media release the court said the matters referred to by Ramdeen, “has nothing to do with the functioning or the effectiveness of the system.”

It added that, “Mr Ramdeen has clearly misunderstood the role and function of “court mail” which has been functioning most effectively.”

“Court mail” is an electronic mailing facility that is used to sign and despatch communication from the court to attorneys and receive same, it added.

The Judiciary further noted that it cannot despatch something which has not yet been drafted and finalised.

Ramdeen on Friday stated he had written to the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Law Association in which several complaints were made about the inefficiencies in the system.

He said the delay has brought the Judiciary into disrepute and has undermined public confidence in the court system.

He added, the court has failed litigants and will on behalf of his clients be “securing every remedy available to my clients against the State by commencing proceedings against the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court by way of judicial review and constitutional relief.”

The Judiciary said the impression created by Ramdeen is false and the accusations raised against the Registrar is also untrue.

It said, “It does not believe that it has to respond to every missive from attorneys, particularly when such communication is based on inaccuracies, misinterpretations, or meant to mislead.

The Judiciary added that to prevent similar misconceptions in future, it is ready to facilitate training again for its electronic systems to any attorney, including Ramdeen.


"Judiciary defends 'court mail'"

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