The Stars out in all their glory

THE EDITOR: The Stars were out in their glory on Sunday at the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, NAPA, Port of Spain, with th staging of Classical Jewels XII with soundtracks from epic movies of the past.

It was an evening of romance, peace, joy and supreme exhilaration that glorified Massy Trinidad All Stars’ musical production that was filled with eclectic messages. The audience was offered a journey of musical ecstacy from NAPA to Hell Yard and back.

The highlight of the evening came with excerpts from the classic Sound of Music. The hills came alive as patrons hummed in unison to the beautiful musical explosion punctuated by the Hunchback of Notre Dame (rendition by Danielle Williams and Kory Mendez).

Pan is really here to stay. What a momentous occasion. My wife and I virtually wallowed in the experience as it was our 30th wedding anniversary filled with pearls.

The evening’s production was precise and smooth with no hiccups. It concluded with a parade back to where it all started in Africa so many centuries ago. The drumology provided hope to the future of this beloved country.

In the midst of the season we were served with the Wine of Astonishment.




"The Stars out in all their glory"

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