Palo Seco man gunned down near home

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MEN with high-powered guns shot and killed a 38-year-old Palo Seco man on Friday morning in some bushes near his home.

Police said after rapid firing at about 6 am, residents of Beach Road called the police, who found Fred Richards’ body with multiple gunshots.

He was lying in some bushes off St James Road.

A relative reported that the gunshots awakened her and she called out to Richards, who was not in the room.

She heard him say, "They want to kill me."

Those were his last words.

Shots rang out, then everything went silent.

Police from the Homicide Bureau Region III, Santa Flora police station and other South Western Division unitsvisited the area.

No one has been arrested.


"Palo Seco man gunned down near home"

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