Great speechbut not a wordabout cricket

THE EDITOR: I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of Dr Terrence Farrell’s address at the Queen’s Park Cricket Club’s annual dinner and it is a world class dissertation on TT’s governance, societal evolution and economic performance over the past 45 years.

Most importantly, Farrell spelt out the nation’s three-step process to salvation, which are: learning to manage conflict, the importance of continued societal dialogue, and constitutional and electoral reform.

Now, while I cannot give enough praise for the deep and insightful content of Farrell’s address, the goodly gentleman failed to make mention of the game of cricket even once in his speech.

In this regard, can you imagine another leader in society addressing the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Manufacturers’ Association or any other forum primarily concerned with economic activity to deliver a speech that was entirely about the game of cricket?

Sorry, Farrell, the indisputable excellence of your speech would have been much better received at any of the top business or political forums in TT.




"Great speechbut not a wordabout cricket"

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