Courtmail fail

Attorney Gerald Ramdeen. -
Attorney Gerald Ramdeen. -

An attorney has written to the Registrar of the Supreme Court complaining of the new “Court Mail” system and the failure to receive court orders. Attorney Gerald Ramdeen, in what he said is his third complaint to the registrar, on Thursday said the new “Court Mail” system has been an “absolute and abominable failure” in delivering court orders in a timely matter.

In his letter, he described it as “court fail.” Ramdeen said he has also written to the Law Association on the issue. He told the registrar the inordinate delay experienced by litigants to get court orders had the effect of bringing the administration of justice into disrepute and undermining public confidence in the delivery of justice by the Judiciary.

He listed a series of cases where court orders have not been communicated to his clients. Among them were workers who were retrenched earlier this year. Ramdeen said the judges in the cases have heard and determined the matters “in the most efficient manner,” yet the court office has failed to give the litigants access to the courts’ orders so that they can request payment or have the orders executed.

Ramdeen also said consent orders, granted last month, has not yet reached his clients, some of whom have received judgment sums in the millions.

“It seems that the quality of justice that is deserving to a litigant is commensurate with their financial circumstances. That this is what must be endured by the poor and suffering in this country from an institution such as the Judiciary really exemplifies how little we have progressed as a society to deliver to our citizens what they are guaranteed under the Constitution,” he said.

His letter also served as notice to the registrar of proposed litigation on behalf of his clients. “I have every intention of securing every remedy available to my clients against the State by commencing proceedings against the Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court by way of judicial review and constitutional relief. The failing of the Judiciary and the court office in particular will not deny my clients the justice that they are entitled to by law,” the letter said.

Ramdeen said his complaints will again be sent to the Law Association as well as the Attorney General.


"Courtmail fail"

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