This is what the new TT $100 bill looks like

The Central Bank TT Thursday released the image and details of the new Trinidad and Tobago $100 bill.

Earlier in the day Government said it was preparing to remove Trinidad and Tobago's existing $100 bill from circulation and replace it with a new polymer note.

The decision was made at Thursday's Cabinet meeting and announced by Minister of National Security Stuart Young and is expected to be implemented on December 9.

Speaking to media, Young said this was done for national security reasons and will assist in the fight against corruption and criminal elements.


Young encouraged citizens to exchange their notes with the new note.

The Central Bank, on its website, said the introduction of the bill was consistent with the objectives laid out in the Central Bank's Strategic Plan 2016/17 to 2020/21.


"This is what the new TT $100 bill looks like"

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