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Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Ramps Logistics celebrates new markets

Chief operations officer of Ramps Logistics, Shaun Rampersad speaks to guests at the company's annual customer appreciation party. - Shane Superville
Chief operations officer of Ramps Logistics, Shaun Rampersad speaks to guests at the company's annual customer appreciation party. - Shane Superville

There was a lot to celebrate last Saturday as Ramps Logistics Ltd held its annual customer appreciation masquerade at Siam nightclub, Queens Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

The celebration was two-fold as the leading supplies company sought to not only show its customers a good time, but also celebrate the opening of its Mexico City office earlier this year.

Veteran soca artiste Baron performs for guests at Ramps Logistics' customer appreciation party. - Shane Superville

Ramps Logistics, which has grown from a small office in Cunupia, where it was founded in 1985, to locations across the Americas, has been heavily involved in the energy sector by providing supply chains to companies for oil and gas exploration.

Chief operations officer Shaun Rampersad told Business Day he was pleased with the pace of growth and development of Ramps Logistics as a brand and looked forward to 2020.

“Every time you enter a new market, it’s challenging because you have to understand the culture and the way of doing business. It’s very difficult a lot of times, the way we were able to overcome that is by building our brand, which really led to us attracting the right people.

Ramps Logistics chief operations officer, Shaun Rampersad, his mother Betty, father Ramnarine Rampersad, Ramps' CEO, and brother Rudy Rampersad, operations director. - Shane Superville

“Everything you execute in your business comes down to the people. If you have the right people working with you, they can take care of everything. Our team has been very focused on building the brand which people trust.”

Rampersad said the brand prided itself on being able to branch outside of TT and being able to adapt to different environments and encouraged other local companies to do the same, even offering his help in expanding.

During the event, he told guests they were witnesses to the company's achievements.

“One of the reasons why a lot of you all are here is because you saw our success in Guyana, and you can do it too.

Tassa drummers perform for guests at the Siam nightclub, Queen's Park Savannah East, on Saturday night for the annual Ramps Logistics Ltd customer appreciation party. - Shane Superville

“We have been able to help a number of other companies expand outside of Trinidad and I would love to see more Trinidadian companies expanding outside of the island. If we are to build a bigger, stronger country, we need to build bigger, stronger companies.”

In a profile in May, Business Day reported on the company’s journey from its beginnings under Rampersad’s father and founder, Ramnarine Rampersad, to an operation with branches in TT, Guyana and Mexico.

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