Businessman held for foiled Siparia robbery

Police have held a San Fernando car-rental business-owner who they believe is the mastermind behind a series of armed robberies.

They arrested him on Wednesday, along with three other people.

Police said the businessman rents cars to criminals, who, after carrying out the crimes, return them to his business.

Over several months, police tracked several cars involved in robberies to his company. However, every time they visited the business, the cars had been "sanitised," preventing investigators from getting proper fingerprints.

The latest incident happened on Tuesday night at the Violet Supermarket and Variety Store, Siparia.

A security guard shot at four criminals and foiled a robbery. It was caught on CCTV cameras, which helped police arrest the four, three of whom live in Pleasantville.

The culprits, one with a gun, walked in shortly after 7 pm and ordered customers to lie on the floor. As they approached the cashier, the guard started shooting and they ran away. They ran out of the supermarket empty-handed and left in a white Nissan AD wagon.

Hours later, Siparia CID and the South Western Robbery Squad arrested them. Police found the getaway wagon parked outside the businessman's workplace. Someone had already cleaned the car.

The supermarket had previously been robbed about a month ago. Thieves took an undisclosed amount of cash and other items including alcohol and cigarettes.

At that time, a female guard was on duty. Fearing for her life, she hid the gun from them. No one was arrested in that incident.


"Businessman held for foiled Siparia robbery"

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