Victims in Moruga boat mystery may be Venezuelans

File photo.
File photo.

Southern Division police have no leads in the recent report about two burnt bodies being spotted at Canari Bay in Moruga.

But Venezuelan media have reported that the unidentified/unconfirmed victims may be people from the Delta Amacuro state.

In a recent article, Tucupita-based media house Tane Tanae said three crew members of a boat had been reported missing. The crew left Pedernales about a week ago for Trinidad, in a fibreglass boat, to transport illegal passengers.

The crew is believed to have dropped off the passengers and was returning, but disappeared at sea. When the news broke last week Monday in Trinidad that two burnt bodies had been seen near a burnt boat, relatives started an intense search.

One crew member was said to have been named Pablo Cabello, but the other two were not identified.

Tane Tanae said the third person is safe. However, this has not been confirmed.

The article said people from Pedernales and relatives "do not know if the bodies allegedly found were those of the missing men. Fishermen are helping with the search and relatives are not giving up."

Last week Monday, police, Coast Guard and Moruga villagers searched for the boat and bodies at Canari Bay, but found nothing.

The only evidence police have is the remains of a partially burnt boat.

Earlier that day a gardener who lives in the forested area reported he discovered the bodies, burnt beyond recognition, near a boat.

Fishermen and residents of Moruga believe waves washed away the bodies.

Up to Tuesday, neither police nor the Coast Guard had found any bodies.


"Victims in Moruga boat mystery may be Venezuelans"

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