PM, lead TT in saving theenvironment

THE EDITOR: Climate scientists are urging people all over the world to reduce their consumption of meat and dairy products in order to decrease:

* The enormous effect on climate change of raising animals for protein;

* The tremendous contribution to greenhouse gas production;

* The shocking amount of potable water required;

* The destruction of forested land to convert it to grain production to feed livestock, and, of course

* The adverse effect on human health of eating hormone- and antibiotic-riddled meat.

I will not even begin a discussion on the barbarous treatment of animals during their incarceration, transport and maniacal butchering – all reasons to agree with climate scientists.

May I suggest to Prime Minister Rowley that he be guided by the urgent advice of climate scientists and lead all of TT to save our environment by converting his livestock ranch to an organic fruit orchard and vegetable farm.


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"PM, lead TT in saving theenvironment"

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