NP: No need to panic-buy gas

NATIONAL Petroleum (NP) has said the fuel supply is safe, despite Paria's announcement that it would stop supplying fuel to Unipet.

NP said in a statement on Tuesday that as TT's largest service station network operator in TT, it wanted to assure the public it can provide a continuous and reliable supply of fuel across the country.

"Additionally, with an extensive service station network of over 115 stations and a supply chain that distributes fuel seven days a week, NP has the resources necessary to meet the increased demands and to ensure the reliability of the supply to all customers," it said

NP added that drivers should continue their normal purchasing patterns and avoid panic buying, which would only cause fuel shortages at the pump and create unnecessary congestion at service stations.

It said it remained "committed to providing a reliable and convenient supply of quality fuel to our valued customers and communities."

Paria Fuel Trading Company, in a release on Tuesday, said it was going to stop providing Unipet with fuel because the two companies had failed to renegotiate a supply agreement since April 2019, and Unipet had not paid for its September and October supplies.

Paria said, however, there was no shortage of fuel.


"NP: No need to panic-buy gas"

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