MSJ: Young people want change

David Abdulah, Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice - Lincoln Holder
David Abdulah, Political leader of the Movement for Social Justice - Lincoln Holder

THE Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) is concerned, Monday’s local government elections results show the young voting population is disenchanted.

Political leader David Abdulah assessed the results, which saw a seven-seven tie for control of regional corporations between the People's National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC).

He said, "Young people did not come out to vote. They are disillusioned."

The MSJ, he said, fielded young candidates and their performance surprised the party, given the feedback from their campaign sin Marabella, Point Fortin and Diego Martin. "It was one of our candidates in Diego Martin who received about 200 votes, (in) a place where we never had a vote. We moved from zero to 200.

"It is a small victory for the MSJ, which has gotten the impetus to keep building the party," Abdulah said.

He called on youths to examine the MSJ's mission to empower them by building what he described as a powerful movement ,different philosophically from the PNM and the UNC.

All the party's candidates who contested, he added, did walkabouts that were unmatched by the PNM and UNC in the last ten days of the election campaign.

"We're convinced that our team met with people and heard their problems. People have begun to recognise the MSJ."

Pointing to two irregularities on Monday, Abdulah said the Elections and Boundaries Commission had roving officers who visited polling stations. In the district of Hollywood in Point Fortin, one of the MSJ's official polling agents was not allowed into the polling station with the candidate. Abdulah said, "This roving EBC officer prevented our polling agent from entering. The law allows the agent to accompany the candidate."

He said there was a similar incident in Diego Martin.


"MSJ: Young people want change"

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