Lee: UNC inroads led to recounts

Pointe a Pierre MP David Lee -
Pointe a Pierre MP David Lee -

UNC deputy leader David Lee told Newsday on Tuesday the UNC has sought recounts in six seats won by the PNM with mostly modest margins.

These are Marabella West, Cocoyea/Tarouba and La Romaine on the San Fernando council; Valencia West on the UNC-won Sangre Grande council;

Mayaro/Guayaguayare on the Mayaro/Rio Claro council and Auzonville/Tunapuna on the Tunapuna/Piarco corporation.

Election night preliminary results showed the PNM’s Teresa Lynch winning Cocoyea/Toruba by just one vote, replicating her father’s feat.

On Marabella West, Lee said, “The UNC candidate lost by 83 votes. We felt it was too close. The party had initially made a decision that if you lose by a certain amount, we’ll call for a recount. Marabella West fell within that parameter.”

Lee said the party’s call for recounts was especially relevant given the recent controversy over special ballots, some of which the EBC said it had to destroy.

“At Mayaro/Guayaguayare, the PNM won that seat, but it fell within the parameters we had set for a recount.

"It is a traditional PNM stronghold, so we have closed the gap. UNC voters narrowed the margin of victory.”

On Auzonville/Tunapuna, Lee said the UNC had made inroads.

Noting the UNC had snatched the Caura/Paradise/Tacarigua seat from the PNM, Lee said voters were sending a signal that the Tunapuna constituency was moving away from the PNM.

Similarly, in San Fernando,“We had no seats but now we have got three seats. Two of the three seats are smack inside San Fernando West constituency. That sends a signal that voters are moving away from the PNM (represented by Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi.)

“It sends a signal over the whole debacle of the Petrotrin closure.”


"Lee: UNC inroads led to recounts"

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