Family, colleagues, ministers honour Chance's legacy

Wayne Chance. -
Wayne Chance. -

The life and times of prisoner rights activist, Wayne Chance, was honoured by friends, families and colleagues on Tuesday morning at his funeral.

Prime Minister Dr Rowley attended the funeral along with National Security Minister Stuart Young. For his part, Rowley recalled meeting Chance at an event and being inspired by his energy and drive to help others.

He also said Chance's contribution to TT was immeasurable and pledged to help support his widow, Giselle and their children through their time of grief.

"What figure can one place on the contributions made by Wayne Chance? I do not know, but there is a figure attached to the raising of his children and keeping his organisation the Vision on a Mission alive and I promise not to let these figures be depleted," Rowley said.

Young also extended his condolences to Chance's family and praised the late advocate for his tireless work ethic and sense of duty. The funeral was held at Divine Encounter Fellowship Ministries, Ragoo Road, D’Abadie. He died a little over a week ago after a battle with cancer.


"Family, colleagues, ministers honour Chance’s legacy"

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