BYisrael: Relocate Inland Revenue workers

One of the ransacked drawers at the Inland Revenue office, Roxborough, which was broken into on Thursday night.  -
One of the ransacked drawers at the Inland Revenue office, Roxborough, which was broken into on Thursday night. -

Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) deputy political leader Dr Faith BYisrael is questioning why the workers at the Board of Inland Revenue office in Roxborough have not yet been relocated to the nearby Administrative Complex.

She raised the issue on Friday, a day after thieves broke into the office and made off with a smart TV and an implement used to collect money. They also ransacked the workers' drawers and filing cabinets.

Thieves had also broken into the Inland Revenue office in March.

"Why have they not moved into the administrative building recently commissioned?" BYisrael asked.

"It is unfortunate that the staff at Inland Revenue have to continue working in unsafe conditions."

The spanking new $33 million administrative complex was commissioned on July 11 to ease the burden of residents having to travel over long distances from east Tobago to the capital city, Scarborough, to conduct business.

On that occasion, THA chief administrator Bernadette Solomon-Koroma had said the Board of Inland Revenue was one of several departments to be relocated to the administrative complex.

Sources at the Inland Revenue say key logistics are delaying the move.

"Since the break-in in early March, we were supposed to move down to the Financial Complex and they said they were going to give us the first preference to move there. But the space they were giving us is too small, because it cannot accommodate the cash and the vault," one source said.

The source said the cleaner discovered the office was broken into when she arrived for work shortly after 7 am on Thursday.

"When she went to the police station and informed them, an officer told her they cannot do anything because the workers will have to say what was missing."

The source added: "The workers also didn't touch anything because the crime scene people had to come and check for fingerprints."

The source said it appeared as though the thieves entered the office from the back of the building.

"Workers have to take a stand because they are not feeling safe in the office."

Roxborough police are investigating.

Newsday Tobago understands staff at the Inland Revenue office have also been complaining for some time about "inhumane and unsafe conditions.

"There is mould on the premises and water is coming through the bathroom," another source said.

"And everytime the facility manager comes, he tells the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) people that they are fixing it. But it is not fixed because there is mould and droppings all over."


"BYisrael: Relocate Inland Revenue workers"

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