Together against HIV/AIDS

THE EDITOR: Today December 1, the United Nation General Assembly have declared it “World Aids Day” dedicated to spreading awareness of the Aids pandemic by the HIV infection. For the sake of information and enlightening us as a people from reports it is said worldwide an estimated 40 million people have died of Aids since 1981, and an estimate of 37 million are living with HIV making it one of the most important global public health issue recorded in history. Despite all modern advancement in the treatment of Aids an estimate of two million lives are lost yearly which include thousands of children.

TT has also its share of this deadly virus as many societies all around the world. In 2003 UNAids and WHO did a report from data received which showed an estimate of 29,000 adults and children were living with HIV/Aids in TT. Also information gathered from the public health sector and a few other organisations showed the figures were an estimate of 22,787 more recently. For a population of just 1.3 million that is a high percentage and cause for concern. I believe the fight against this dreaded ailment should be the concern of all citizens. When you take into consideration that children can also fall victims not through any fault of theirs, this can sink deep into your spirit.

While it is well appreciated what is being done by the health sector in providing the necessary drugs it is important that we stay well informed with new discoveries in this field. Our leaders must do all in their power to assist those who are having this type of challenge in their lives, and as a society compassion, care and love must be always extended to victims. We are our brother’s keeper in all circumstances in life. Let us fight Aids together.


San Juan


"Together against HIV/AIDS"

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