Saving the witnesses

THE EDITOR: In any first-world country-situated movie, you can see police witnesses being relocated thousands of miles away for their own safety. Similarly we view undercover police working at infiltrating gangs far from their usual employment areas. Country size is of utmost importance in determining success. Because TT is so small it is dangerously foolish when witnesses get fed-up hiding out and want to return home.

The answer is to relocate witnesses completely out of TT. Very expensive business if it must be done for many years. Then in typical Trini-to-the-bone style, when it is time to come home, they may outright refuse.

Can anyone picture Roger Alexander going under cover? It is not easy playing at the game of police and thief in a small third-world country. Our witness protection programme will only work with 100 per cent cooperation and patience. There can be no feeling bored and returning home or even chatting with friends and family.

Witnesses in TT must be counselled regularly and given as much physical support as possible when hiding-out. Police trained visitors to lend support might help tremendously.


Diego Martin


"Saving the witnesses"

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