Giving us what is ours

THE EDITOR: I grew up, constantly being bombarded with this nonsensical reminder that the PNM gave me this, the PNM gave me that, but fortunately, very early in my life, I was made to understand that the resources of this country belonged to each and every citizen and no one can give what is not his. I was also enlightened that the government is elected to serve all of the people equally and non-discriminatory.

Still today, in this 21st century, I hear the same foolish talk being bandied about, designed to garner the support of the politically ignorant and illiterate, and I cringe.

For many of us, faith and loyalty come before truth, party before country, yet they claim to be patriotic. How absurd! They are the ones who swear party allegiance because they may have, at some time, secretly "eaten a food", "fed" at the back door by some unscrupulous politicians, with tax payers funds, actions which make them accomplices to corruption, simply by acceptance.

I would like to urge the millennials among us to avoid falling into that trap and contribute to effect meaningful change and be proud to someday say, "Great is Trinbago!" Our nation is rapidly becoming a failed state!




"Giving us what is ours"

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