Vaccine queries for the minister

THE EDITOR: I note the complaint by Imaam Iqbal Hydal of his inability to get the flu vaccine at the Chaguanas Health Centre.

So, Mr Health Minister, how come Hydal has to wait two months for this “free” vaccine but SuperPharm is advertising theirs for $195? How come SuperPharm has stocks but the health centres don’t?

Also, why make an old man (or anyone) “come in to make an appointment?” Why couldn’t it be done over the phone? They had him on the line. Backward country.

Maybe there’s a silver lining for Hydal. The vaccine insert mentions the very real risks of taking the vaccine, especially for older people. There’s also a disclaimer that it does not guarantee any benefit to any specific person, or protect against the virus you might get – there are hundreds.

Given the Health Minister’s complaint about the slow uptake of vaccines, it would appear Trinis are smarter than he thinks. Hydal may be lucky, after all.

On a related note, the Prime Minister had the cold a few days ago. He either took the vaccine or he didn’t. If he did then, clearly, it does not work. If he didn’t, even he ignored the advice of his Health Minister.

What’s good for the PM is good enough for me.


Mt Hope


"Vaccine queries for the minister"

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