Pitt to expose corrupt contractors

Secretary of Sport Jomo Pitt -
Secretary of Sport Jomo Pitt -


Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Secretary of Sport and Youth Affairs Jomo Pitt has put contractors on notice that he will not accept bribes in exchange for giving them contracts.

Pitt sounded his warning during his contribution in the 31st sitting of the Assembly at the Assembly Legislature in Scarborough on Thursday.

Pitt said: “My name is Jomo Pitt and that name comes with a level of... I won’t call it a brand but there are certain actions or statements that cannot be associated and will not be associated with me.

"If you draw a line, you have Jomo Pitt on one end and you’ll have corruption on the next end. I want to put it out there now, if there are any doubts, it be cleared up today... any contractor, any representative of a contractor come to me with any out-of-time offer, suggestion, let me let allyuh know now... I going to the media – tv, radio, papers... I not much into social media but for this time I will go on social media. I calling name, I calling venue, I calling who was there... those around.”

He said he was unaware if accepting bribes was something endemic to politics but he wanted no part of that.

“I don’t know if that has been part and parcel of being a politician, I think I am more of an area representative than a politician. If that is the characteristics of a politician, count me out. I want everybody to know that is where I stand on that particular issue, so be advised, like I said: radio, tv, print and social media. Please be advised and be guided accordingly.”


"Pitt to expose corrupt contractors"

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