No new green spaces

THE EDITOR: In an effort to discover the locations of national parks established since self-government in 1956, I engaged various search engines to no avail.

So as far as it seems to be, every grand savannah, Nelson Mandela Park, San Fernando Hill, Eddie Hart Recreation Ground etc came about through the efforts of our former colonial masters.

Now, isn’t this a particularly sad indictment of our governments over the past 63 years that not one of them has seen it fit to create additional green space for the relaxation and recreation of the local populace.

Indeed, the most glaring missed opportunity in this regard has to be the substantial parcel of land opposite West Mall that should have been converted into a national park over 40 years ago.

Instead we have heard every possible excuse why this has not happened, including the ridiculous nonsense of both the Port of Spain City Council and WASA taking legal action against each other in an attempt to claim ownership of this property.

Making the matter worse is that the land is situated in the constituency of our current Prime Minister.

What should have happened many moons ago is that this area should have been a national park for the citizens of west Trinidad and properly called Nelson Mandela Park after the great South African freedom fighter and statesman.

Yes, how absolutely feeble of us to rename another very small Port of Spain park in honour of one of the world’s greatest statesmen.




"No new green spaces"

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