Weeping and wailing after Monday polls

THE EDITOR: There may be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth come Tuesday. Because Monday may well be political Armageddon for some. Only the strong will survive the sands, the blood and the lions in the political arena.

The platform rhetoric has been toxic from all contenders. The public will have survived the well-worn allegations of stealing from the public purse. Only the most able gladiators will be left standing.

I am expecting the most political blood being shed by the small third-party dreamers. Blood and gore may be spilled in Port-of-Spain.

Monday’s local government elections will eclipse all others. The results will expose who will most likely be victorious at the general election next year.

These elections are too close for any aspiring winners to change trajectory. It is thumbs up for the victor, thumbs down for the losers. The crowd would have spoken.

Even before running the credits, we have an idea about who may be triumphant next year.

But you never know. This is TT, which exists on pure Bollywood/Hollywood political drama.


Diego Martin


"Weeping and wailing after Monday polls"

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