Potts wants Ramnath to compete at C’bean Champs

Boxing promoter Boxu Potts, from left, boxer Faith Ramnath and her father Russell. - Jelani Beckles
Boxing promoter Boxu Potts, from left, boxer Faith Ramnath and her father Russell. - Jelani Beckles

EXPERIENCED promoter and matchmaker Boxu Potts is calling for teenaged TT boxer Faith Ramnath to be included in the national squad for the Caribbean Boxing Championships, which will take place at the National Cycling Velodrome, Couva from December 4-9.

Potts made this call during a media conference at Alicia’s Place, St Ann’s on Tuesday.

Ramnath’s father, coach and manager, Russell Ramnath, recently filed a protest to the TTBA (TT Boxing Association) after the judges’ decision on the Elite Female 51-kilogramme division bout between Faith and Jewel Lambert at the National Championships, at the Jean Pierre Complex in Mucurapo on November 5.

The 24-year-old Lambert was adjudged the winner of that bout, prompting the 17-year-old Faith and her father to air their grouses through Potts.

In a recent media release, TTBA president Cecil Forde outlined a list of prior and post-fight procedures that were not adhered to by her management team. He also highlighted that the Ramnath duo committed several breaches of the fraternity’s constitution. Potts said on Tuesday, “I’m calling on the Sports Company (and) the Ministry of Sports to call on the (Association) to allow a citizen of this country to box in the Games.

“She wants to box in the Caribbean Games, she wants a fair hearing with proper representatives and she wants the scales to be of same manufacturer and calibrated, in accordance to AIBA laws. Anything (the TTBA) want to tell us, put it in writing,” she added.

Potts spoke about a meeting between Ramnath’s camp (including himself) and the TTBA representatives – Forde, Ria Ramnarine and Deopersad Ramoutar, at the Media Room, Manny Ramjohn Stadium, Marabella, on Sunday.

Potts said, “This child is of a squeaky-clean character, yet she has to sit before these three, and they have to preside over her telling them that they violate the constitution. This child fought in a boxing match, in an AIBA tournament, and this is AIBA weigh-in rules.”

According to the AIBA Competitions Rule 3 – weigh-in, the weigh-in must be conducted by competition officials authorised by the supervisor, it must be conducted by competition officials of the same gender, and the scales must be prepared (while) test scales used at any competition and official weigh-in scales have to be of the same manufacture and of the same calibration.”

Potts has alleged that Faith was weighed twice, in two different parts of TT, with different scales.

“This child protested the equipment used,” he said.

Potts noted that the TTBA representatives protested his presence at Sunday’s meeting.

“In law, it is well documented, even in the High Court, a person can have a representative of their choice, even if you’re not a lawyer,” he said. “But she cannot have a representative of her choice. They denied her representation. They told her she must write an apology to them, apologising for protesting the weigh-in on illegal equipment. They said she violated their constitution by going (to) the media.”

Potts continued, “(She was told) that if she don’t apologise she’ll not be able to fight in the (Caribbean) Games. They will give her one fight next year, in March, a rematch with Jewel Lambert, but thereafter she wouldn’t get any more fights.

“We have now taken this matter to the arbitration section of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). In the meantime, Faith has made herself available to fight in the (forthcoming) Games in the lower class, and the class above her weight-class (45-48kg, 48-51kg and 51-54kg).” A soft-spoken Faith said, “I feel threatened by the Association and I just want them, and myself, to obey the rules, and to represent my country.”

Asked how she is keeping herself active, she replied, “I’m still doing my normal training as usual, still keeping fit and hoping that I get a fight soon. I currently train with my dad right now (at) my own gym at home in Couva.”


"Potts wants Ramnath to compete at C’bean Champs"

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