Woman back in San Fernando court for cruelty to child

A HIGH Court judge wants to know the circumstances Jillian Noel had been living in before she was charged in 2008 with cruelty to a child.

Noel, 49, of south Trinidad, reappeared before Justice Kathy Ann Waterman-Latchoo in the San Fernando High Court on Monday.

The judge is deliberating on a sentence on the charge of cruelty to a child. The boy had several injuries in 2008. A medical report suggested some of them were inflicted with a lighted cigarette. Others were fingernail scratches.

The boy is now 13.

On October 29, Noel pleaded guilty and Waterman-Latchoo ordered a probation officer's report. Noel was allowed to return home pending sentencing, which was carded for yesterday.

State attorneys Danielle Thompson and Katrisha Ambrose are prosecuting the case.

Attorney Martin Joseph pleaded yesterday that Noel was overcome by deep feelings owing to her domestic situation.

Waterman-Latchoo noted that two years in jail is the maximum penalty for the offence, but added that she found it difficulty to close her mind to Noel's domestic circumstances.

The judge asked, "Is this not a woman who's in need of support – her situation one of abject poverty? There must be some vehicle that could do something about it. I find it difficult to close my mind (and) ignore the circumstances.”

She ordered probation officer Jason Chattergoon to report on Noel's suitability to do community service. The judge wants him to appear before her on December 12 to be questioned.


"Woman back in San Fernando court for cruelty to child"

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