Wife-killer found dead in Mon Repos cell


RELATIVES of Chamanlal Gobin, 53, who was found dead in a cell at a police station, believe he could not forgive himself for killing his wife.

They said despite their separation he loved Ramragie Gobin, 49, and wanted to work things out.

But they feel: "Some form of evil may have taken over him and caused him to transform into a monster that stabbed his wife to death. That is not the Gobin we knew."

On Monday morning Gobin was found dead in his cell at the Mon Repos Police Station, where he was being kept in custody. He appeared to have taken his own life.

Gobin had been charged over the weekend for the murder of his wife and was expected to face a San Fernando magistrate on Tuesday.

When Newsday visited Gobin's family home in Barrackpore, relatives were shocked and in tears.

One said, “Knowing the type of man he was, I knew he would not have been able to forgive himself for what he did. But no one expected him to take his life. I just can’t believe it.”

The woman said she was still trying to get over the idea of Gobin killing a woman whom he loved.

“I cannot imagine what these children are going through. Their mother, Ramragie was a good woman. She did not deserve to die like this,” she said.

Neighbours echoed these views, saying that they were all shocked and could not understand why he had killed his wife.

"I really did not see this coming," said one. "This is not the kind, gentle Gobin I knew."

Reports said when police went to take Gobin out of his cell they found him dead. He had eaten breakfast minutes before.

He was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Ramragie and Gobin were separated and she had taken out a protection order against him.

Last Sunday evening he breached the order and went into her house at Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda, where he stabbed her to death.

The couple had two children.

Ramragie was cremated on Friday at the Mosquito Creek Shore of Peace.

Relatives said funeral arrangements were being made for Gobin.


"Wife-killer found dead in Mon Repos cell"

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