Police stations decorated for Christmas

 St Joseph Police Station -
St Joseph Police Station -

Two months ago, decorator and event planner Robert Solomon challenged other decorators to pick a police station in the area where they live and decorate it for Christmas.

With the blessing of Nicole Dyer-Griffith, patron of the Police Wives Association and founder of the ISOS (I Support Our Services) campaign, an Kirk Jean-Baptiste from the ISOS, scores of decorators answered the call for the Beautify a Police Station Christmas Project 2019.

Solomon, who undertook to decorate the St Joseph Police Station, has already completed the job, as well as the Toco Police Station.

Central Police Station Police Station -

He is currently in New York, USA, getting decor for the driveway of the police commissioner's residence.

Thanks to corporate sponsorship, he said, “We are transforming the entire driveway.”

An excited Solomon called Newsday on November 15 to say: “The levels people have gone to are just phenomenal. I am completely overwhelmed.”

Solomon said some police officers are in shock and can’t believe citizens have come forward for the project.

He added: “Spending hours with the officers too was pleasant and exciting. Some of them even helped with the painting.

Toco Police Station -

“I know I started this initiative, but it is the people who are really the heroes.”

Stations being decorated for Christmas

Western Division

Carenage – Maragret Alleyne-Loregnard

Four Roads – Priscilla Sealy

Maraval – Dianne Hunt

St James – Dave Ramlal

West End – TSZ/Dwight Andrews (Robert Solomon)

Port of Spain Division

Belmont – Danielle & Jean Campbell

Besson Street – K2K/Althea Norman

Central Police Station – Taurean Latchman

St Clair – Veronique Majani

Woodbrook – Cocoa Devils/Sally Hospedales

St Barbs Post/ East PoS – Arthur Lewis

Northern Division

Arima – Rudy Hanamji

Arouca – La Tropical/Bernard Beckles

Cumuto – Vikisha Kelly

La Horquetta – Lisa Paria

La Horquetta Police Station -

Malabar – Malabar RC/Ann-Nel Goodridge

Maloney – Melissa Sylvan

Maracas/St Joseph – Lydia Gill

Pinto Road – Vikisha Kelly

San Raphael – Vandana Sankaar

St Joseph – Robert Solomon

Tunapuna – Diane Neale & Carol Bridgewater

Piarco – Trevalyn Walkes

North Eastern Division

Barataria – Keniesha Lewis

Blanchisseuse – Peter and Tracy Sheppard, N Sankar

Blanchisseuse Police Station Christmas tree made from recycled bottle caps collected on the beach. -

Maracas Bay – Aryanne La Barrie

Morvant – Fabrice Francois

San Juan – Keith-Ann Greaves

San Juan Sub Station – Keith-Ann Greaves

Santa Cruz – Damian Luk Pat Family

Eastern Division

Biche – Vikisha Kelly

Manzanilla – Vikisha Kelly

Matelot – Vikisha Kelly

Matura – Vikisha Kelly

Mayaro – Vikisha Kelly

Rio Claro – Vikisha Kelly

Sangre Grande – K2K/Althea Norman

Toco – Mustang Eng & Cons./C Flemming (Robert Solomon)

Valencia – Vikisha Kelly

Central Division

Caroni – Vikisha Kelly

Chaguanas – Revelie Rochard

Couva – Kelly Van Putten

Cunupia – Yasmin Charles

Freeport – Joanne La Veau-James

Gran Couva – Vikisha Kelly

Longdenville Post – Vikisha Kelly

Central Ops Unit – Cheryl de Gannes

Southern Division

Barrackpore – Martin Sahadath

Gasparillo – Cadesia Richardson

Marabella – Suean Jackson

Mon Repos – Curtis Samlal

Moruga – Vandana Sankaar

Princes Town – Aruna Saroop and Ryan Jonas

San Fernando – Curtis Samlal

St Margaret's – Marisha Duncan

Ste Madeleine – Martin Sahadath

Debe Post – Vandana Sankaar

St Mary's Post – Vandana Sankaar

South Western Division

Cap-de-Ville Post – Marva John-Williams

Cedros – Vandana Sankaar

Erin – Michelle St Hillaire

Fyzabad – Melesia Jimdar-Dodough

Guapo – Debra Achong

La Brea – Lisa Williams- Ogunsheye

Oropouche – Melesia Jimdar-Dodough

Penal – Vandana Sankaar

Point Fortin – Sandra Munroe

Santa Flora – Vandana Sankaar

Siparia – Vandana Sankaar


Charlotteville – Denise Hamilton/Avion Hercules

Crown Point – Michelle Bowen

Moriah – Denise Hamilton

Old Grange/Shirvan Road – Hazel Duncan

Roxborough – Avion Hercules

Scarborough – Rhonda Fraser

Other divisions

Guard & Emergency Branch – Justine Moses/Robert Solomon

Traffic Branch – Justine Moses/Robert Solomon

Inter-Agency Task Force – Sharon Lee-Garcia


"Police stations decorated for Christmas"

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