Police kill man suspected of 10 murders

File photo.
File photo.

A Santa Cruz man, who police said was responsible for at least ten murders in the last two years, was killed in a shootout on Wednesday morning.

Police said the murders occurred in the area.

According to police reports, North-Eastern Division Task Force police shot Collis Britto, alias "El Chapo," at his La Canoa home around 3 am.

Police said Britto was wanted in connection with Tuesday's double murder of mother and son Shawn Joseph, 22, and Marsha Joseph, 55.

The two were shot and killed around 4 pm at the corner of Saddle Road and the Santa Cruz Old Road in San Juan.

Police said Britto is also responsible for the murder of state witness Candy Ann Mc Intyre, who was gunned down after attending her son's primary school graduation in January.

He was also a suspect in two separate other killings in which a total of seven people were murdered.


"Police kill man suspected of 10 murders"

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