Dear Rev Knolly Clarke

THE EDITOR: This is an open letter to president of the Inter Religious Organisation, Rev Dr Knolly Clarke. Sir, our rainbow country is becoming increasingly murderous. We have already been robbed of two legal luminaries in former Attorney General Selwyn Richardson and noted lawyer Dana Seetahal, SC.

There is need to ascertain what role the church plays in its bid to avert incidences of this nature and to have gun violence and murders reduced to a level that can be termed acceptable. The election bells are ringing loudly and amidst that “music” is the threat on the life of a government official.

I urge you as a spiritual leader to act with some degree of urgency so as to ward off any undesirable occurrences. I am suggesting you use your office as leader of the IRO to arrange for all churches in TT to set aside one hour fortnightly for prayer for the nation.

I suggest that a specific time and date be set for the simultaneous start of countrywide prayer sessions. President Clarke, with over half a million prayers, all at the same time, for one common cause, the blessings and protection we seek, we will surely receive. What say you?

We already have the knowledge of the prayer hearing and prayer answering nature of our Maker and King as he assures us, “to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” He also says, “if we ask for bread He would not give us stone.”

As a man of the cloth, you must appreciate there is strength and power in unity. In the face of the death threats, the Police Commissioner and his men are stepping up to the plate.

There cannot now be more expectation and desire for you to pay heed to this call and arrange for the “army of churches” to become engaged in the war against crime and criminals the country is engulfed in.

T|T has for decades, run clean election campaigns and at the moment two critical elections lie ahead. Given the present climate, these measures must be taken to maintain and preserve TT's unblemished election record. Divine intervention must be sought so there is no bloodshed during the election campaigns and after. We must reach out to those among us who are troubled with disruptive tendencies.


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"Dear Rev Knolly Clarke"

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