MPs should live in their constituency

THE EDITOR: A report in the newspapers revealed, to me, that MP for Princes Town, Barry Padarath, actually lives in Couva. (I'm sure there are other similar examples so I'm not picking on Padarath, just using him to make a point.)

And I wondered, is that right? How au courant will an MP who does not live in his/her constituency be with the problems of that constituency? Would he/she really care since what happens there, in terms of amenities, say, does not affect him/her? Surely, it makes better sense for an MP to live "on site" to get a first-hand feel for potential issues.

I suggest that some thought be given to changing the legislation so that an MP's primary residence must be in the constituency that he/she represents, and he/she must actually reside there for some minimum period per year. Failure to do so could result in the seat being declared vacant and a by-election held. It's time to stop the charade of seeing your MP only at election time.


Mt Hope


"MPs should live in their constituency"

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