Congrats Dr Panday

Basdeo Panday - Sureash Cholai
Basdeo Panday - Sureash Cholai

THE EDITOR: Congratulations to the founder and former leader of the UNC and prime minister Basdeo Panday on achieving the "doctor of laws" (degree) from the University of TT (UTT) recently.

His advice to UTT graduates to create ideas of diversifying the economy comes at a time when our country need a backup plan such as agriculture or any other apart from gas and oil.

It is good to promote an influx of innovators, but it would become more realistic when lecturers in the classroom continue a communication with graduates up to a stipulated time in their communities. The players in this diversification must throw the dice of ideas on the table and encourage graduates to continue improvising and having a love for country and its people. In addition, the graduates will not only create more jobs but employ a new mind set of helping their brothers and sisters who may lose it all after graduation.


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"Congrats Dr Panday"

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