Son to succeed Sat in SDMS

Maha Sabha secretary general Sat Maharaj.
Maha Sabha secretary general Sat Maharaj.

If Satnarayan "Sat" Maharaj, 88, general secretary of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), is unable to resume his roles, his son Vijay Maharaj, first vice secretary of the Maha Sabha, will take up the position.

Newsday spoke to political activist Devant Maharaj on Thursday. Maharaj, a former Maha Sabha executive member, referred to the SDMS constitution.

"If an electoral officer is unable to perform his duties during the period, the vice for that position would assume the duty. The secretary has six vice secretaries, or assistant secretaries, and the most senior of them will will then act. Sat has put his son there."

Maharaj said Vijay will take on his father's position until September 2020, when there will be a vote. The Maha Sabha has two temple conference of delegates every year. Each temple, once it has over 25 members, nominates a delegate to attend the conferences, held in April and September.

Maharaj said in September the Maha Sabha, using the temple delegate system, will nominate and vote for the leader and other executives.

Reading from the SDMS constitution, he said, "If for any reason the office of the president or secretary general becomes vacant, the first vice president or secretary shall carry out the duties until the next September conference. And then the second section says if for any reason, any elected officers is unable to carry out the duty then at the next September conference, new officers to replace persons and shall be elected until the end of the term."

Last week Thursday, Maharaj had a stroke at his Champs Fleurs home and was taken to Medical Associates Hospital in St Joseph.

Speaking on Maharaj's health, Maharaj said he heard he was out of the intensive care unit and was able to move one foot. He said the family is keeping Maharaj's health status carefully guarded as many in the community wonder how he is doing. Maharaj said he got this information from visitors and people who work in the hospital.

"The family is keeping this very close to their chest. They are not divulging any information at all. I have to rely on people who have gone to visit or workers in the hospital coming to tell me."

Other than that, the Hindu community is not really being given information, he said.


"Son to succeed Sat in SDMS"

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