National chess masters return

CM (candidate master) Frank Sears. -
CM (candidate master) Frank Sears. -

THE TT Chess Federation will host its National Masters Chess Championships for the first time in five years, over four days, this and next weekend, at the Tranquillity Government Secondary School, Port of Spain, starting at 10am on all four days.

The competition will run with a Swiss-system (non-elimination) tournament with two age categories (50-plus and 60-plus) over no more than seven rounds. The rounds may be reduced by the arbiter depending on the number of participants.

The last national masters was held in 2014 CM (candidate master) Frank Sears, a long-standing chess player and administrator, winning the title.

Late registration will be accepted up to 9.30 am on Saturday, an half-hour before the competition begins. The second round will be played on Sunday morning, from 10 am, then the third by 4 pm. The registration fee is $120 per player with $1000 being awarded to the winner, $700 to the runner-up and $500 for the third-placed finisher.

According to the TTCF, the organiser reserves the right to reduce the number of prizes if there are fewer than six players registered in any category. Regular FIDE rules apply, which will be read to participants before the tournament begins.

The TTCF, following the conclusion of the first scheduled round of the National Masters Chess Championship on Saturday, will host the National Blitz. It will take place at the same venue, beginning at 3 pm. The National Blitz will award the winner with $1500, the runner-up with $1000 and third with $500. Registration is $50 per player. Pre-registration is available on the TTCA’s website.


"National chess masters return"

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