Family captures armed bandit who robbed them

THE tables turned on an armed bandit who robbed a Williamsville family when a father, his son and their 79-year-old neighbour overpowered him, retrieved his gun, beat him, tied him up and handed him over to police.

When police arrived at the Corial Road home, they found the bandit tied up on the ground with wounds to his legs and hand. The three men handed over a loaded Glock 23 pistol to the police.

According to a police report at about 9.33 am on Thursday morning, a gunman entered the family home at Corial Road home and announced a hold-up.

At the time a 58-year-old father, his 27-year-old son and a 79-year-old neighbour were in the living room of the home when the gunman stormed in.

The gunman ordered the family to hand over money, jewelry, and their cellphones.

However, while the gunman was bagging the items he took his attention off the family for a moment while trying to secure his loot and that was then the three men took their chance.

There was a struggle but the father, son, and neighbour managed to grab the gun from the bandit’s hands as they beat him.

They then tied him up and called the police.

A video yesterday circulating on social media shows the bandit tied up on the ground bleeding from wounds to his leg and head.

The 23-year-old bandit of San Fernando was taken for treatment at the hospital. He is expected to be charged.

Princes Town police are investigating.


"Family captures armed bandit who robbed them"

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