Barrackpore kidnap victim: 'I am so scared for my life'


“He is still out there. I am so scared for my life,” said kidnap victim Roxanne Rajkumar, in tears, the day after she was freed.

Rajkumar, the mother of two, from Barrackpore, was at the San Fernando General Hospital when she spoke to Newsday on Thursday. She was told to return to the hospital for further treatment after her three days of captivity.

Rajkumar, 30, said her abductor, whom she knew, after releasing her, threatened to find and kill her if she reported the kidnap to the police.

Reports said she was tied up and kept captive in a house before she was thrown out of a car near the Usine Ste Madeleine pond on Wednesday morning.

The police found her.

Rajkumar wept uncontrollably as she said her life was now in danger as the man had not been found.

She said people were making fun of her.

“It hurts to know what I went through for these days. He had a gun to my head. I was just praying that he would not kill me –and then to hear some people laughing at me, it is really not fair.”

A police report said at about 9.30 am on Monday, Rajkumar had just dropped off her son at a preschool on the Rochard Douglas Road in Barrackpore when a Nissan Tiida pulled up in front of her. An eyewitness said two men got out, grabbed Rajkumar and bundled her into the car and drove off.

The eyewitness said other people were only alerted when Rajkumar began screaming for help. By the time people rushed to her aid, it was too late as the car had driven off.

Rajkumar told police a man she knew held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. She said on one occasion when police called her cellphone, the kidnappers made her answer and say she was okay.

A manhunt has been launched for the kidnappers, who police said is in hiding. Police have taken a statement from Rajkumar.

Barrackpore police are investigating.


"Barrackpore kidnap victim: ‘I am so scared for my life’"

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