Kidnapped Barrackpore mother freed


A Barrackpore mother of two who was abducted three days ago has been freed.

Police found Roxanne Rajkumar, 30, near the Ste Madeleine pond, where her abductors left her this morning.

Reports said gunmen had tied up Rajkumar and held her hostage in a house for the past three days.

Police said the traumatised Rajkumar is being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital.

A police report said that at about 9.30 am on Monday, Rajkumar had just dropped off her son at a preschool on the Rochard Douglas Road in Barrackpore when a Nissan Tiida pulled up in front of her. An eyewitness said two men got out, grabbed Rajkumar and bundled her into the car and drove off.

The eyewitness said other people were only alerted when Rajkumar began screaming for help, but by the time people rushed to her aid, it was too late as the car had driven off.

Rajkumar told police one of the men, whom she knew, held a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. She said on one occasion when police called her cellphone the men forced her to answer and say she was okay.

The terrified mother said with a gun at her head she told the police she was okay and would return home when she wanted.

Other attempts to contact Rajkumar were unsuccessful. But worried relatives said they knew something was wrong as she would never walk out on her children.

They described her as a committed and dedicated mother who always put her children first.

A report was made to the Barrackpore police. The Anti-Kidnapping Unit also intervened and all police stations were alerted to Rajkumar's disappearance.

Up to late this evening police were searching for the men.


"Kidnapped Barrackpore mother freed"

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