Barrackpore mother kidnapped

Roxanne Rajkumar  -
Roxanne Rajkumar -

MOMENTS after dropping off her two children at school, a Barrackpore woman was abducted by two men who were seen bundling her into a car near her home on Monday morning.

Up to late yesterday members of the Anti Kidnapping Squad were questioning several people despite rumours on social media that the report was fake.

According to a police report at about 9.30 am the woman identified as Roxanne Rajkumar was standing near a shed near her home in Barrackpore when a Nissan Tiida pulled up. An eye witness said two men came out of the car, grabbed Rajkumar and bundled her into the car and drove off.

The eyewitness said people were only alerted when Rajkumar began screaming for help but by the time people rushed to her aid, it was too late as the car drove off.

Rajkumar is a mother of two children ages five and nine. Rumours of the kidnapping being fake began circulating on social media after police had informed the family that they called Rajkumar's cellphone and a female voice answered saying she was okay and was not kidnapped.

However, police said the woman who responded may not have been Rajkumar.

Since then all calls to Rajkumar's phone have been forwarded to voicemail.

Yesterday, one of Rajkumar's friends in a social media post called on users to share the mother’s photograph with hopes of someone seeing her.

“I have known Roxanne for years, this is not something she will do. She loves her children till death and always puts them first. Everything she does is to protect and make a better future for them.”

The woman said that people were making it out to be a joke while the mother was abducted. But two days have gone and Rajkumar has not shown up to her home.

A report was also made to the Barrackpore Police Station.


"Barrackpore mother kidnapped"

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