SOS to Minister Le Hunte

THE EDITOR: This is an open letter to the Honourable Minister of Public Utilities, Mr Robert Le Hunte. Sir, I would like to know what type of work WASA is doing at Tarouba Road, Marabella for almost a year now. They have more or less destroyed the recreation ground, messed up the roads and most recently deprived the villagers of a regular water supply.

Since last year, WASA has occupied the recreation ground, hampering most of the religious, cultural and sporting activities that usually take place all year round at this venue. Recently, they have dug up the main road (over a month) forcing villagers to take alternate routes, thus converting a 30 seconds drive to well over ten minutes.

The most problematic of all, is the fact that they have cut off the water supply to areas after the recreation ground. It has been five days and counting since we last received any water.

The talk in town is that WASA is installing some sort of sewer system in Tarouba. If it is taking more than a year to install a system in a tiny village like Tarouba, one wonders what would happen when they branch off to the larger towns and villages?

Please Mr Minister, is it possible for WASA to be more considerate to the needs of the villagers, finish their work soon and return the village to the people of Tarouba how they found it. In addition to this, can we get our water supply back?




"SOS to Minister Le Hunte"

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