My issues with Abdulah, MSJ

THE EDITOR: We do not mind the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) taking charge and running the Petrotrin refinery. Kudos to them if they can revitalise south and central Trinidad. It will certainly do more good than bad.

But do we relish the thought of David Abdulah's Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) creeping into governing our daily lives?

Bold and brass-faced we recently saw Ozzi Warwick (OWTU education officer) in Cuba attending an important convention.

I am fully aware that you cannot have your political cake and still eat it. Mr Warwick has described the MSJ as adopting a stealth campaign. Read my lips, comrades Warwick and Abdulah, TT people like being rich and it is part of the cultural lifestyle to endeavour to accumulate as much wealth as possible.

We will share but we will not be dictated to just how much we will let fall into the hands of the socialists, to decide who gets what. The political marketing ploy of the MSJ for local government elections is that they are different fromPNM/UNC. They are not greedy. They are not corrupt (steups).

They will share equitably among all citizens. No one will suffer, etcetera, etcetera. Everybody will get work.

Answer me this: Why does the MSJ have no deputy leaders? Will there will only ever be Abdulah seeking to be prime minister?

I am personally uncomfortable at the thought of every single citizen being forced into having a blue-shirted mentality. One hundred per cent equality in a small third-world country comes at a very high social and personal price.

We as a nation of several races like to look prosperous. We dress well, crave fantastic cars and beautiful homes. We enjoy good times and especially love celebrating our various religious holidays. Religion is a driving force in TT. We will share our daily bread but why should we be forced to give up on personal ambition regarding wealth accumulation?

Each human being, well educated or not, has an image of what is perfection. Are we in TT ready to be stealthily coerced into having only navy-blue trade-union dreams? Light-blue shirts on show now, navy blue for when they take over? A navy-blue-clad government?

Please bear in mind that the MSJ is starting very small. Stealth tactics. Just like a chest infection that might lead to political pneumonia.

Read my political lips: I do not hate Abdulah or the MSJ, just taking in front before in front take mih. TT is a democracy and to each his own poison.


Diego Martin


"My issues with Abdulah, MSJ"

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