Citizens want solutions

THE EDITOR: With election fever running high in both UNC and PNM camps, I hope our two main parties will maintain their focus and stick to the issues at hand.

Our country is in great need of many solutions for the problems that exist. For example, potholes, poor roads, an irregular water supply in many areas, rampant crime, our unhealthy hospital situation, unemployment, rising grocery prices and guns and drugs on the streets and in the hand of the criminals.

As a concerned citizen (and I believe this is the echo of many in the electorate) permit me to state that our leaders need to come up with the many promises made in the past. Especially those leaders who hold the reins of power and can actually do something to alleviate the many social ills in our country.

In the build-up to election day on December 2, we do have the blame game being spewed as a routine, together with helpful doses of character assassination by many of our politicians. I hope that the local government election and the general election in 2020 will be different, with less old talk and more talk of finding solutions that are feasible, workable and can be implemented.

Our politicians still believe the population can still be bought with a set of old-talk, but those days are over. People want answers to the many burning issues. How can a man think of which party to vote for when his purchasing power is severely diminished or he has to dodge bullets just to get home?

To all those seeking votes, I say, when you get into public office, remember that your business is to serve the people and make life better for your constituents. Stay focused on coming up with relevant solutions. Enough talk...time for results.

Arnold Gopiesingh

San Juan


"Citizens want solutions"

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