Argument over drain led to death threats


THE widow of murder victim Ravi Ramkissoon believes a heated argument a few days ago over the cleaning of a drain led to her husband getting death threats from a man he only knew by his alias.

On Thursday afternoon Ramkissoon, 49, father of two, was shot dead in front of his home at Basta Hall, Couva.

A police report said Ramkissoon was killed at about 4.30 pm on Thursday, just after he arrived home from work.

Investigators are questioning several villagers to help them solve the case and also determine if the threats were linked to Ramkissoon’s murder.

Vidiya Ramkissoon believes the man was sent to kill her husband.

“It should not have come to this over a drain. It should not have reached this far. Now my husband is dead over an argument about a drain,” she told Newsday on Friday.

She said on Monday her husband and another a villager began arguing over the cleaning of the drain. She said the man told him he would "do for him."

“For days they were arguing, and soon after my husband started to receive death threats from another man who told him that he was to 'put an end to the nonsense happening and kill him.'"

She said her husband did not know the man’s name, but only his alias, and because he was fearful he went to the police to report the threats.

“He was really scared and even felt uneasy at being home because of the threats, and villagers around were saying the man was telling everyone that he was going to kill him.

"I was so scared for him and my family.”

Vidiya said after going to the police station her husband told her the police said they could not do anything for him until he found out the name of the man.

"My husband only knew the alias of this man who wanted to kill him. None of us knew.”

Homicide Region Three police are investigating.


"Argument over drain led to death threats"

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