Niece for Ramin Rio Claro?

THE EDITOR: The Opposition United National Congress (UNC) would have us believe that bribery accused Glen Ram had an epiphany that led him to withdraw his nomination for the Biche/Charuma local government seat.

Ram, who is before the court charged with accepting a $1,500 bribe from a contractor, had put in his nomination for the seat he currently holds. He had refused to step down as chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation when the charge was laid and he appeared in court. And his political leader appeared powerless to convince him to do so. He is still there as chairman.

I find it strange now that, after refusing to step down and then going further to seek the nomination, he suddenly withdraws. And all this, without the intervention of the UNC? Soon we will see whether it was an epiphany or horse trading.

However, it would be disingenuous for the UNC to replace him with his niece, as is being bandied about in Biche. I am not sure if the electorate in 2019 would take kindly to a proxy as a replacement. Let’s see how the UNC will spin this after Nomination Day.


former MP



"Niece for Ramin Rio Claro?"

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