Let’s do something differently

THE EDITOR: I was born in a time when elitist education was the order of the day (1970s). Currently, both globally and locally, there is a move to increase access to education. But there will definitely be a compromise on quality in most western educational institutions.

TT and most of the Caribbean cannot afford to lose even 25 per cent of our youths who do not get a tertiary education in a world that will require advanced training beyond high school.

However, the modus operandi of schools are designed for students like I was – good academic background, supportive mom and non-violent. The modern student has mainly a weak academic background, no supportive parent and is more aggresive and outspoken.

As an educator, I read omnivorously and it gives insight but reality is harder than theory. The solution is more remedial work for deficient students and more conflict resolution training for teachers and other faculty members. This is a start but as you implement you improve.

There are many other changes, such as teaching with technology but let’s do something instead of continuing the status quo and wondering why there are thousands of gang members in TT. Do something different.

Most educators believe that strict discipline is essential for academic success and it’s true but that locks out the majority. We can no longer build a world with a tiny ruling elite, then use police force to suppress the unsuccessful aspirant that turned to crime when statistically the results were predictable. Madness!


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"Let’s do something differently"

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