Illegally legal?

THE EDITOR: If my heading is confusing it shouldn’t be, since TT is probably the only country where such a phrase makes sense to most people.

Take for example the illegal quarrying situation recently raised by a writer in one of the newspapers. Imagine a government official admitting they are fully aware of how many unregistered companies engage in illegal quarrying, yet it continues. They are “working on it,” he said.

Discussing this with an elderly gentleman recently, he declared, “Why you confused? And prostitution illegal too? Yet it going on in the country ever since I was a little boy.”

The authorities know the establishments, they raid them, arrest people and allow the establishments to continue operations the next day. Maybe that’s the way they catch the people involved.

I suppose it’s the norm to have double standards in TT. Like “PH” taxis. “Illegally legal,” right?

At least they did the right thing and legalised “gambling” like Play Whe, Lotto, etc. But only for the NLCB to operate. No private whe whe banker like long ago. After all, those games bring in a lot of revenue. Right?

But do you know how many poor gullible people are “hooked” on gambling in this country because of it? Some don’t have money to buy a meal but a bird flies over and messes on their head and off they go to play “pigeon” or whatever the mark is for bird mess.

I’m waiting to see what happens “legally” with the ever popular marijuana.




"Illegally legal?"

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