Govt funds used to promote party

THE EDITOR: I have noticed within the past week or so that there has been a marked increase in the promotion of the “positive” ideals proposed in the budget.

In fact, ministries seem to have found their voice after a few years and now realise they have done so much good work that it needs to be pumped into our heads at every opportunity.

Does this have anything to do with the elections coming?

I am sure that after last year’s budget there wasn’t this deluge of information about the good things it eventually did not deliver being poured into my brain.

This is too much of a coincidence to think it is not a deliberate attempt to use government funds to promote the party in power under the naked guise of PR. When will the shenanigans stop?

Whether the UNC did it is of no consequence to me. That does not make it acceptable or right. What it does is create a norm where whoever is in power can use taxpayers’ funds for election gimmickry, and that is wrong.

Please, people, look at the options out there and vote wisely.




"Govt funds used to promote party"

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