Quality matters to everyone

Norris Herbert, Permanent Secretary, Minister for Trade and Industry
Norris Herbert, Permanent Secretary, Minister for Trade and Industry

Implementing the National Quality Policy (NQP) and developing the National Quality Infrastructure will create the opportunity for TT’s manufacturers and service providers to attach themselves to global value chains, said Norris Herbert, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

At the opening of a two-day forum of the NQP held at Trinidad Hilton and Conference Centre, St Ann’s, on Wednesday, Herbert said the forum was designed to sensitise all stakeholders and, over time, would build a robust quality culture in TT.

“Trade and production have become increasingly organised around global value chains. Quality matters to everyone. This means that the production of a single export product is now fragmented and distributed across global networks of production. This has offered developing countries greater opportunities to integrate into the global economy (World Bank).

“Our NQP, launched in April 2018, indicated that building awareness of quality is critical to the success of the implementation of the NQP.”

Herbert said having a product tested/inspected through an internationally accredited laboratory adds value because it increases the speed at which goods pass through the border and ensures conformity assessment certificates are accepted on both sides of the border.

He said it would also provide a significant reduction in costs to the exporter, improving the competitiveness of the product.

“Global purchasers demand products and services that meet rigorous and advanced standards of quality to ensure that such products and services integrate flawlessly with others in the supply chain.

“Our manufacturers must become versed in global best practices and a supportive internationally recognised quality infrastructure can assure this.”

Herbert said the forum was intended to be wide-reaching and sought to build awareness on all tenets of the National Quality Infrastructure.

He said through the presence of key experts, the forum brought the NQP to life as it focused on key areas and sectors covered in the policy such as regulatory reform, competitiveness, good governance, service excellence, quality in health care, tourism, environmental and energy sustainability and economic diversification.

“I would like to thank all experts who have given their time to making this forum a success. Quality requirements are vital for the well-being of citizens and other stakeholder groups who rely daily on such compliance as the basis for making important health, environmental, social and economic decisions.’


"Quality matters to everyone"

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