John and Relator for Jazz Noel

Mavis John -
Mavis John -

THE iconic Caribbean Queen of Jazz, Mavis John will share the stage with Relator (Willard Harris) in an evening of traditional Christmas music, jazz standards and local classics.

John and Relator will be joined by Candice Alcantara and the Dean Williams Quartet in Jazz Noel at the Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain, on November 17.

John’s distinctive voice lends itself easily to blues, jazz and soul. Singing since the 60s she has shared the stage with both international and local legends and continues to amaze audiences with her dynamic range and engaging presence.

Candace Alcantara -

She has also had a successful theatre career and has performed in productions such as Derek Walcott’s Marie La Veau, Elliot Bastien’s A Nancy Story and Earl Lovelace’s The Dragon Can’t Dance.

Relator also started in the 60s when he boldly entered the calypso arena as a singer and songwriter. He became the National Junior Calypso Monarch in 1965 then ascended to the National Calypso Monarch title in 1980. Relator continues to delight audiences with his witty repertoire and trademark guitar and usually has patrons singing along with ease to the well-known classics and calypsoes.

Relator - Gary Cardinez

Alcantara will lend her voice to the Dean Williams Quartet as it does well-known local and international Christmas favourites. The group's repertoire spans various genres including R&B, funk, smooth jazz, bossa nova, jazz fusion, pan and calypso jazz. Williams is known for his scintillating performances and fluid improvisation and the organiser says this could be a very interesting segment of the show.

Jazz Noel is a production of Curtain Call TT and starts at 6 pm.


"John and Relator for Jazz Noel"

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