DJW back-pedals onUnited TTFA police report

TTFA president David John-Williams. -
TTFA president David John-Williams. -

TT Football Association president David John-Williams does not plan to make a police report on what appears to be a forged document issued in the name of the Junior Sammy Group of Companies.

The letter purports to offer support to the United TT Football Association (United TTFA) at the November 24 TTFA elections.

On Monday, at a press conference held at the Home of Football, Couva John-Williams called on the police to look into the matter after the Junior Sammy Group denied that a letter endorsing the United TTFA and its presidential nominee William Wallace had been sent by its executive chairman – Junior Sammy – or the group’s subsidiaries.

“I call upon them (police) to investigate this matter seriously because it involves a forged document being used (and) forged signatures being appended.”

When Newsday contacted John-Williams, on Wednesday, to ask him if he would file a police report, he said, “That is not for me to speak about publicly. That is a matter for the offended person. Let’s just leave it as that, please.”

In a statement, on Tuesday, the United TTFA said it took “full responsibility” for sharing the letter at its presentation at Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain, on Saturday.

The letter bore the name Hugh Murphy and a signature under the title of chairman of the Junior Sammy Group and said it supported Williams and United TTFA in the TTFA elections, and as “the new administration of local football in 2020 and beyond.”

However, the construction giant, in a release, on Monday, denied issuing the letter and noted that as a corporate sponsor it has always supported the administrations of the TTFA and always “enjoyed a healthy and amicable relationship with it.”

The company statement did not refer to the name Hugh Murphy, although this person is listed on LinkedIn as the president of the Junior Sammy Co Ltd – a subsidiary – and represented the group on the board of the TT Contractors Association during the 2016-2017 term.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith told Newsday, on Tuesday, that he can only look into the matter if he gets an official report.

“I have received no correspondence whatsoever. Nobody has filed an official report to me as of this time, so until then I will just wait out,” Griffith said.


"DJW back-pedals onUnited TTFA police report"

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