UPDATED: Be warned: Governor of Culture on the prowl

File photo: President  Paula-Mae Weekes

File photo: President Paula-Mae Weekes PHOTO:ANGELO M. MARCELLE

The Office of the President has distanced itself from a fraudster calling himself the “Governor of Culture” who uses this fictitious title to try and get into official events.

The warning came in a press release sent by the office, which said the man had represented himself to the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC), which oversees events at the Divali Nagar; the Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra; and the Marionettes Chorale, as being associated with or representing the Office of the President.

In so doing, the press release said, the man has sought free entry to events and/or entry to restricted areas and other accommodation in the name of the President’s Office. In one instance, he purported to enter into arrangements and agreements with a third party. The Office of the President denies unequivocally any association with the “Governor of Culture” and does not support, endorse or authorise any approach purportedly made on its behalf by this individual.

The release said anyone or any organisation whose path he crossed should call secretary to the President Cheryl Jackman-Waldron at 225-4687 (Ext 114). In fact, Newsday discovered the “Governor” also has a Facebook page with a catalogue of pictures depicting him rubbing shoulders with people like pannist Dane Gulston and musician Roy Cape, as well as appearing at events like Fashion Week.

In an immediate response, the Youth Government Trinidad and Tobago, a non-governmental organisation, distanced itself from the “imposter” mentioned by the Office of the President, in its own release sent to the media.

The NGO said the imposter was not to be confused with their own governor of culture, who was given the title as a description of his portfolio in the NGO.

The Youth Government said titles such as “Youth Governor of Energy” and “Youth Governor of Entrepreneurship” are given to describe their roles in the NGO.

“We the Youth Government TT also deny unequivocally any association with this unknown person impersonating “Governor of Culture” and we, just as the President stated, do not support or endorse this kind of behaviour. We would like to encourage that person to desist from all fraudulent behaviour and act in accordance with accepted moral behaviour and standards that our society is governed by.”


"UPDATED: Be warned: Governor of Culture on the prowl"

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