TTBA to respond to Potts’ claims of ‘unconstitutional’ fight

Boxing promoter Buxo Potts, from left, Faith Ramnath and her father Russell. - Jelani Beckles
Boxing promoter Buxo Potts, from left, Faith Ramnath and her father Russell. - Jelani Beckles

PRESIDENT of TT Boxing Association (TTBA), Cecil Forde, along with the fraternity’s executive will release a statement within the coming days on the recent allegations pledged by boxing promoter, Boxu Potts, that local amateur athlete, Faith Ramnath, was treated unfairly in her match against US-based opponent, Jewel Lambert, at the National Boxing Championships, which was held at Jean Pierre Complex, Mucurapo, on Friday night.

Following the 48-51kg bout, Lambert was adjudged winner of the fight by a 5-0 margin.

However, Potts is claiming that the weigh-in for this clash was done at two separate locations with neither team being able to properly view the process, thus deeming the fight “unconstitutional” and the result “null and void”. In a short response by Forde on this matter yesterday, he said a meeting will be held by board members before a decision is made by the TTBA.

“I have no comment to make on this revelation because we do not want to respond to Mr Potts at this time,” said Forde.

“We will have to sit down as a committee, go to the constitution and then a decision will be made.

“We are in the process of meeting and a conclusion will be made by this weekend.”

The boxing administrator admitted that the sport’s governing body is affiliated with the International Boxing Association (AIBA) and must follow their rules before a statement is released on their behalf.

He also slammed Potts for stirring up controversy within the sport locally.

“We have to take all things into consideration and give ample time for a proper response.

What is most important is that we follow AIBA’s rules. Clearly, Mr Potts has an agenda. But, it is up to us, the board, to see how it unfolds from here, after we meet,” Forde added.

Potts is also claiming that the 17-year old Ramnath is a junior fighter and will only become of elite status in January 2020 while, Lambert has been classed as an elite for a number of years.

The junior boxer is also claiming that she felt Lambert was not in her weight class because, “she (Lambert) felt much stronger and much heavier on the night of the fight which raised the question whether the girl was allowed to weigh in a few kilos heavier than Ramnath”.

According to boxing promoter, Ramnath’s team wrote the TTBA over the weekend stating their dissatisfaction with the weigh-in process.


"TTBA to respond to Potts’ claims of ‘unconstitutional’ fight"

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