Teacher collapses at pigeon-infested Chaguanas school

Photo:  Lincoln Holder
Photo: Lincoln Holder

A teacher at the Edinburgh Government Primary School was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility after she collapsed at school moments after complaining about feeling nauseous and dizzy on Wednesday.

For the past few weeks teachers and students have been dealing with an infestation of pigeons in the ceiling. Many students have complained of nausea and dizziness. There were also reports of students vomiting at school.

Photo: Lincoln Holder

Since school reopened in September, several students have fallen ill with rashes, respiratory problems, severe itching and asthma attacks.

Teachers have been said the environment is unsafe and unfit to work. However, they said, they are still being told to report to work.

One staff member told Newsday today. “There are pigeon droppings on the floor of the classrooms, walls, ceiling. Teachers have to teach and droppings are falling on them.

"Their health and also the children's health is at risk.”

The teacher who collapsed was treated and was discharged and is now resting at home.

A report from the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) deemed the school fit for use.

The staff member said sanitation workers are constantly trying to clean up the pigeon droppings with a broom and wiping the bannisters, but this is not solving the problem.

Photo: Lincoln Holder

“As soon as they clean the areas, the pigeons return and make a mess. The roof also needs to be repaired, because the pigeons have made a home for themselves here. We are completely fed up and frustrated.”

She said the school is also dealing with other problems including leaking toilets.

“Many parents are not taking the chance, and are keeping their children away. How many more teaching hours will these students miss?” she said.

The parents plan to stage a second protest in front of the school on Monday.

Photo: Lincoln Holder


"Teacher collapses at pigeon-infested Chaguanas school"

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